Geology Science Facts You Did Not Know

Geology is such a fascinating science. What makes it so great is that you can study the Earth and all of its different features. It’s like getting to explore this incredible planet we call home. In this blog post, we’re going to share with you five interesting facts about geology that we hope will help broaden your understanding of the subject.

The Earth’s Crust Varies Widely Depending on Its Location

This is a fact that might surprise many. The Earth’s crust is not the same everywhere, for example, the crust under the oceans is much thinner than that under a continent.

The Earth’s Interior Is Divided into Layers

The innermost layer, called the core, is made up mainly of iron and nickel. Above that lies a thick mantle composed primarily of silicate rock on which are found both continental and oceanic crust. Many people think that the crust and mantle are one continuous layer.

There Are Three Main Types of Rocks

These include igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks are formed from molten material called magma. Sedimentary rocks form when small pieces of other rock break off and settle to the bottom of water bodies or pile up on landforms. Metamorphic rocks are altered igneous or sedimentary rocks that have been changed by heat, pressure, and chemical activity.

Geology Provides Clues to the Past

Many types of fossils can be found in rocks that indicate what kind of life used to exist. For example, animals and plants leave behind fossil remains such as footprints and petrified wood when they die and get buried by sediment over time.

The Earth Is Constantly Changing Over Time

For example, mountains get worn down through weathering and erosion caused by wind, rainwater, glaciers (ice), rivers (fluid), and seas (liquid).