Geology Science: What it is and Why it Matters

Geology is the study of rocks, minerals, and fossils. Geologists are scientists who study the Earth’s history through these materials. They are interested in understanding what happened to our planet over billions of years. The geologist’s job can be difficult because they have to learn about many different scientific fields: chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, etc. But why should we care about geoscience?

Why Geology Science Matters

Geology science helps with several things. Here we look at some ways in which geology science is important.

Understand how our planet was formed: If you’re wondering how the Earth came to be, geology is a good place to start. Geologists know that our planet formed from space materials and can tell you what types of rocks these might have been.

Geoscience allows scientists to see what has happened on Earth throughout its history, including when life first appeared or when it started dying out.

Solve the problem of climate change: Climate change can be predicted from studying rocks and fossils since it reveals evidence of past environmental conditions. This is a major issue worldwide at the moment. Climate change drastically affects human life and our future survival.

Find resources: Knowing how to find oil, coal, natural gas, and uranium helps humans access many useful materials that provide energy for our society.

Predict earthquakes: Geologists have studied earthquakes for a long time and have been able to determine what areas are more likely to experience an earthquake. This information is valuable because it helps people prepare for these natural disasters and allows them to plan where they will build new buildings or other infrastructure.

Prepare for volcanic eruptions: With geoscience, people can try to identify which volcanoes might erupt as soon so they know where it would be safer for them to live.